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The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but Varizen und comfrey cultivation and perfection of human beings. Rick Freeman Interface Forestry, l. We have Toggenburg goats, Dominique chickens and Ancona ducks. The chickens and ducks are endangered species.

I spent many, many hours researching the difference between Russian Comfrey 4 and Please check this out: Varizen und comfrey put a lot into this research because there is so much confusion about it. Also information about comfrey: My friend has a bunch of comfrey in his Varizen und comfrey yard. I want to take some from him if it's not the true comfrey. How can I tell if it's true comfrey or a Bocking variety?

It's too early to tell from flowers. Are the roots any different? I Varizen und comfrey have been unsuccessful in trying to find Varizen und comfrey local source for comfrey and thanks to Jeanine on permies forum I got the link to horizon herbs http: They offer two different varieties, Bocking 14 Russian Comfrey Varizen und comfrey x Varizen und comfrey and true comfrey Symphytum officinalis.

The following paragraph from horizon herbs tells the differences between the two: The Bocking 14 cultivar of Russian Comfrey Symphytum x uplandicum is a sterile hybrid that will Blutegel Krampf self-seed and is extremely robust and vigorous.

The true comfrey Symphytum officinalis is a bit less vigorous of a grower, has Diät Krampfadern spezielle für elongated leaves and I think prettier flowers, and does indeed make seed. Although both types of comfrey Russian and True are useful for making medicine and making compost, in an ideal world one would use the bocking cultivar for producing large amounts of biomass for permaculture gardens, composting, and animal feedand one would use the true Varizen und comfrey Symphytum officinalis for medicinal purposes.

Again, both types and other species as well are used interchangeably in agriculture and in medicine. Any other considerations when deciding which variety to purchase?

It can be annoying when dealing with small scale projects Varizen und comfrey space is critical like in a cool moist summer zone. Large scale it's not so much of a problem. I think I'll try both also. They will ship anytime but if I root cuttings should I wait until spring? This week and next is supposed to be in 's and 90's If I wait until September would they have enough time to get established before winter Hot sun can be a killer for transplants.

If you decide to plant them in hot weather, get some shade cloth or an old window screen to keep the sun directly off of them. Set it on blocks, bricks, Varizen und comfrey whatever to allow a good airflow underneath. If you wait until autumn, the more time you allow before the first frost is better.

Before the first frost make certain to lay down a good layer of mulch to protect the fresh seedlings and their roots. Both the true, and hybrid versions are essentially weeds. Most weeds can survive many harsh conditions. It might slow them down, but they'll probably survive with a little help. Can I completely cover with the mulch? How deep can I mulch and not kill it? It will be leaf mulch as that is what will be plentiful in the fall. Hello, I too wonder about the varieties of comfrey Varizen und comfrey have been warned not to plant the seeding variety ever.

There are apparently two sterile varieties available for sale that I know are recommended: I would like to know Varizen und comfrey to find information regarding any differences between the two sterile bocking varieties. I aslo would love to find the link where Dr Duke is said to have compared a bottle of beer's alkaloid content to comfrey tea's in terms of knowing just how safe comfrey leaf tea really is to drink. I try Varizen und comfrey get my mother to drink the tea; but the "general" warnings have frightened her.

Yes, this seems a worn out debate; but I believe comfrey leaf tea helps me. Thanks for such a nice Varizen und comfrey and contributions from helpful posters. I found a bunch of good information about both of the sterile Russian Bocking 14 and 4 Comfrey plants from the gentleman at Coes Comfrey website. I posted the general differences noted on another thread here about 4 being more deeply rooted thus more drought tolerant and a higher protein content than The allantoin content of 14 is slightly higher than that of 4.

Good food for chickensrabbitsgoats, worms, and soil. Out of 35 seeds, I managed Varizen und comfrey get 2 plants only during my spring propagation.

While I'm not a master at starting from seed, most of my seed does germinate. I'll also toss in that my 2 Varizen und comfrey love comfrey leaves and even eat some of the stalks too. Carol you want to do some research on the bocking MLA St.

Petersburg Varizen in des in Europe. This is where bocking 14,4, and other comfrey varieties were bred. You should be able to find the who Varizen und comfrey what when type stuff. Note also that the same website writes that "Compared Varizen und comfrey the Bocking 14 cultivar Symphytum x uplandicumthis "true comfrey" Symphytum officinalis has [ Here's a link to Varizen und comfrey wikipedia entry on pyrrolizidine alkaloids, but the basic message is that it's hard on livers.

If you plan to feed the S. I have been taught Varizen und comfrey the main differences between the Bocking Comfrey's 4 and 14 were that the Bocking Varizen und comfrey is self-seeding, very deep-rooted, it will thrive in drought where most other plants are helpless, visit web page protein, where as the Bocking 14 strain of Comfrey is shallow-rooted and subject to drought and it is disliked by rabbits and chickens — as being too bitter this information is according to Lawrence D.

Russian comfrey is not sterile. It is difficult to get it pollinated, but it does happen in nature. The Bocking varieties are known to produce only sterile seeds. 1 mittels Varizen great book on Russian Comfrey is a free download here. This was written before he began the Bockings work. If you are writing a scientific paper Varizen und comfrey Russian Comfrey, this Varizen und comfrey is a must read.

I only have the true comfrey. It is definetly not good for mulching in areas where you dont want it to grow. The reason being is it go here to Varizen und comfrey to cut off the leaves without getting some seeds with it.

What I like about it though is that mine flowers from early spring to late fall. I even had flowers up til a couple weeks ago and it was one of the first of my plants that flowered in the spring. The bumble bees love it. It is one tough plant.

I gave some starts to a Varizen und comfrey but her chickens loved it so much they killed off Varizen und comfrey the comfrey.

If I had chickens then the true comfrey Varizen und comfrey be my choice to help supplement their feed. That way if some of Varizen und comfrey plants were killed off, by not easing off the chicken pressure, then there would be so many seeds in the soil it would just come Varizen und comfrey. I would like to try the other kinds of comfrey though.

I think alotta thoughts; about alotta things. It also flowers season long, as long as it gets big enough to, Adam. A Varizen und comfrey nice, deep purple flower. I usually cut most of just click for source for use right when it starts to flower, but I always left one out front to do it's thing all year.

The biomass is awesome for gardening needs. I especially love the syrup made from fresh leaf. I've fed 14 to calves and they loved Varizen und comfrey. I planted 4 root starts this spring. I ordered from Coe's comfrey and split all the roots he sent me in half, even thirds. They Varizen und comfrey came up, Varizen und comfrey for 2 IRRC. I'm hoping to get some chickens going soon, goats and maybe a cow in the future.

I've been reluctant to plant the true, because of the invasiveness factor. I've also been interested in finding accurate info as to which was Varizen und comfrey to which farm stock. I read in different seed catalogues claim stating " 4 " is used for animal feed and "14"is used for animal feed Anybody have firsthand knowledge of which they feed to their critters and how Varizen und comfrey they take to it?

Each may have particulars that make them preferable to their Varizen und comfrey purposes I have some of each Varizen und comfrey would like to know for sure. Hi I am looking for true Comfrey not Russian varieties. This article gives an interesting take Varizen und comfrey the pros and cons of ingestion. More Varizen und comfrey info in the comments so read those too.

What I noticed in the photo showing the true and Russian varieties side by side is the leaf shape and colors are very different. The pics in Horizon herb show Comfrey that's more like Russian type.

If anyone reading this has Varizen und comfrey true Comfrey can you confirm the leaves match the plant on the left?

Varizen und comfrey Comfrey: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning

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Rainkohl, Gemeiner Lapsana communis. Bastard- Lolium x hybridum Hausskn. Rote Beete, Beta Varizen und comfrey subsp. Rote Heckenkirsche Lonicera xylosteum. Rotschwingel Festuca rubra L. Schwalbwurz, comfrey mit KrampfadernGemeiner Vincetoxicum hirundinaria. Schwarzer Nachtschatten Solanum nigrum.

Vogelbeeren Eberesche Sorbus aucuparia. Waldmeister, Echter Galium odoratum. Wiesenfuchsschwanz Alopecurus pratensis L. Der Beinwell hat seinen Namen von den Beinen, comfrey mit Krampfadern er gut well tun, bzw. Oft schon habe ich eine Salbe aus seinen Wurzeln gekocht, die bei vielen Verletzungen hilfreiche Dienste leistet. Verletzungen des Bewegungsapparates, Heilwirkung: April bis Mai, Wurzeln: Varizen und comfrey reichen Varizen und comfrey Verletzungen des Bewegungsapparates bis zu Varizen und comfrey heilenden Wunden, comfrey mit Krampfadern.

Man verwendet ihn traditionell gegen Verstauchungen, Verspannungen, Arthrose und diverse andere Probleme. Aufgrund der im Beinwell enthaltenen Spuren von Pyrrolizidinalkaloiden empfiehlt die Kommision E, den Beinwell nicht bei verletzter Haut anzuwenden.

Sicherheitshalber verwendet man bei offenen Wunden besser den reinen Wirkstoff Allantoin. Varizen und comfrey ist es vor allem die Varizen und comfrey, die als Heilmittel Anwendung findet. Salben Die bekannteste Zubereitungsform des Beinwells ist die Salbe. Mit Beinwellsalbe kann man die betroffenen Stellen einreiben. Schon seit Jahrhunderten wird aus Beinwellwurzeln eine einfache Salbe gekocht.

Inzwischen haben auch Hersteller von Naturarznei die Ist, trophischen dass Geschwüren Varizen und comfrey und bieten zahlreiche Formen von Beinwellsalben und Beinwellcremes an z.

Man kann auch einen Salbenumschlag anwenden. Innerlich In der Volksheilkunde wurde der Beinwell gegen zahlreiche Beschwerden innerlich als Tee oder Tinktur eingenommen. Just click for source kann man Varizen und comfrey darauf verzichten, den Beinwell innerlich anzuwenden.

In Bierteig getaucht, kann man sie in der Pfanne ausbacken und essen. Am einfachsten funktioniert der Anbau, comfrey mit Krampfadernwenn man die Wurzeln Varizen und comfrey die Erde steckt.

Am besten verarbeitet man die Wurzel gleich frisch zu Salbe oder Tinktur. Ziehe bei ernsthaften oder unklaren Beschwerden unbedingt Deinen Arzt zu Rate. Symphytum officinale, Quaker comfrey, cultivated comfrey. Comfrey mit Krampfadern Search or upload videos. Pflanzen, die als giftig gelten. Comfrey mit Krampfadern Varizen und comfrey officinale Navigation:

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Overview Information Comfrey is a plant. Even though this plant contains poisonous chemicals called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs), the leaf, root, and root-like stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine.
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Enhanced PDF; Standard PDF ( KB) ; INTRODUCTION. For centuries, comfrey has been used as a traditional medicinal plant for the treatment of painful muscle and joint complaints (Kothmann, ; Englert et al., ).Commonly found throughout Europe and parts of Asia, the plant also naturalized in North America, where it rapidly spread.
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Enhanced PDF; Standard PDF ( KB) ; INTRODUCTION. For centuries, comfrey has been used as a traditional medicinal plant for the treatment of painful muscle and joint complaints (Kothmann, ; Englert et al., ).Commonly found throughout Europe and parts of Asia, the plant also naturalized in North America, where it rapidly spread.
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Comfrey root is very useful in diarrhoea, dysentery, bronchial irritation, coughs, hemoptysis, other pulmonary affections, leucorrhoea, and female debility. It is also of value in passive hemorrhages from the bowels, kidneys, or womb.
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Enhanced PDF; Standard PDF ( KB) ; INTRODUCTION. For centuries, comfrey has been used as a traditional medicinal plant for the treatment of painful muscle and joint complaints (Kothmann, ; Englert et al., ).Commonly found throughout Europe and parts of Asia, the plant also naturalized in North America, where it rapidly spread.
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